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Skype for Android will soon sync with your address book

The Next Web - Facebook-tagged - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 6:53pm
Skype for Android got an update today that will add support for importing your address book into the app. While the feature is listed in the latest Google Play change... Keep reading →
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INFOGRAPHIC: The Lifecycle of a Social Ad Campaign

All Facebook - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 6:53pm

When a Fortune 100 company runs an advertising campaign on Facebook and Twitter, the steps are plentiful and the process is long. SocialCode, a social marketing solutions provider and Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, offered some insight into the process.


New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media.

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Reddit Live is now official, lets anyone create their own breaking news live blog

The Next Web - Facebook-tagged - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 6:45pm

Today, Reddit officially launched its own live-blogging platform. The company calls it Reddit Live and the feature has actually been in “semi-open beta” for a few months now – you... Keep reading →
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Truefilm photo app for iPhone throws a variety of specialty edits into the mix

The Next Web - Facebook-tagged - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 6:41pm

What developer Marvin Lee means when he says his new Truefilm photo editing app for iPhone is a “combination of AfterLight, Facetune and Over” is that its editing tools span... Keep reading →
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Compass Takes Facebook’s Pages to Watch Feature One Step Further

All Facebook - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 6:28pm

Facebook introduced its Pages to Watch feature last July, enabling page administrators to keep tabs on the pages of their competitors, and Pages to Watch was added to page insights this past February, but what if page admins want to focus on their competing pages’ ads and promoted posts? Enter Compass, which launched in beta earlier this week.


New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media.

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Droplikes Allows Businesses to Use iPads for Customers’ Facebook Likes, Check-Ins, Offers

All Facebook - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 5:56pm

Apple’s iconic iPad tablet has many uses, including connecting visitors to retail stores and other places with those businesses’ Facebook pages, as previously demonstrated by applications including Like Counter Pro and LikeScreen. Droplikes became the latest app to enter this space, with features far beyond merely collecting and displaying likes.


New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media.

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The Brave New World of Facebook mind control?

Inside Facebook - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 5:46pm

Some folks are complaining Facebook could affect how you feel via manipulating your News Feed.

Facebook released research on 689,003 users that had their levels of positive or negative News Feed content adjusted. Not surprisingly, their moods and words they used changed correspondingly with what they were exposed to.

But consider this: If your sports team wins, you’ll be more likely to make a celebratory remark.

If a friend is having a bad day, you’re likely to provide sympathetic encouragement.

Facebook posts overwhelmingly positive emotion.

Of the 122 million words they analyzed, 4 million were positive and only half as many were negative. Yet we know that the average person has 40,000 thoughts a day, of which 70-80% are negative.

So why the flip-flop? Positive news travels further.

Social networks are for boasting and celebrating. People are less likely to share and react to negative news. In our research with the NBA, we found that Facebook engagement was far higher on team winning days than losing days.

Positive comments drive further engagement, creating a compounding effect in the newsfeed.

Facebook admitted that they didn’t implement a dislike button, not because it’s bad for branding or because people would abuse it. They saw that positive emotions get shared more and generate more traffic.

Smile and the world smiles with you.  Cry, and you cry alone, as the saying goes.

The elephant in the room: who controls the News Feed algo?

There is WAY more content than you can possibly consume in the newsfeed. The control of who sees what is ultimately a powerful tool that Zuck and Co. control, more powerful than any political weapon, I’d assert.

Fox News has a reputation for being right leaning, while MSNBC might be liberal. But what about Facebook? Do you ever hear anyone complain about the editorial of the world’s largest curated news site? The faceless editor doesn’t have a name because it is a robot.

Stephen Pirrie believes that the big revelation is that for years, we’ve thought of Facebook as being a ‘robot’ algorithm crafting news feeds based on more than 100k factors. But all of a sudden, the fact that they have qualitative control scares the crap out of us.

Pundits assert that usage of Facebook is more likely to cause people to get jealous, commit suicide, and suffer from all manner of maladies. Great talk show host fodder. The people who still think video game usage cause violence are in this camp.

But the reality is that you’re being bombarded by content of all types, endlessly. There’s not enough time to dwell on any one item, any more than you can focus on billboards on the highway.

1984 and our buddy, George

(I was born in 1993, by the way). While brands complain about their posts not showing up in the News Feed, I believe this is a red herring to the real issue of what actually is showing up and why.

If you give people what they want, then allow schoolchildren to skip class to play video games. Let the masses feast upon naked women on wrecking balls instead of [insert whatever issue you think is important, dear reader]. Get fed more of whatever you’ve been clicking upon.

I was in New York recently and asked a TV news anchor why they kept showing murders, car accidents, and escaped zoo animals. That’s what people want, and that’s how they fund their operations.  If they don’t maintain their audience, they lose their advertisers and subsequent funding.

Might Facebook be in the same situation? Do they have a moral duty to show what is “good”, however and whoever defines that? The beauty of the Facebook News Feed algorithm, which is even more secret than Google’s. Facebook can quietly influence public opinion on whatever issue they choose and nobody would ever know. Or go all in for the shareholders.

Tron Jordheim, the vice president of marketing for StorageMart, doesn’t think so. He believes Facebook’s bias towards good news helps their strategy:

Bad news and disasters mesmerize people and disturb their emotions so they are susceptible to advertising….
Perfect for TV. Our emotions attach to the product to seek safety. Good news and relevant news surrounding your interests, passions and friends cause you to share , comment and become engaged in brands and causes… Our emotions seek to share with others to build our human connection. Perfect for social media…. And a more satisfied experience than just getting a moment safety. The FB slant towards good news is good strategy. The Invisible Hand at Work

While traditional publications have editorial staff manually deciding what you see, the social networks rely upon your own behavior to determine what shows up.

So the next time someone complains to you about how their newsfeed is full of idiots, you might have a quiet chuckle at the choices they’ve made. Tweet that!

There’s no mass conspiracy or Facebook illuminati at work.  Just the combined effect of each of our own actions competing for space in a crowded world.  It’s in Facebook’s and our mutual interest for the algorithm to show the most interesting (defined as most clicked on) content. This drives higher engagement, longer session times, more information collection, and ultimately, more monetization.

Adam Smith is alive and well.

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Get lost: How over reliance on digital maps could lead us mentally astray

The Next Web - Facebook-tagged - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 5:18pm

As we navigate our way through the world, sometimes we just need to stop and Instagram the flowers. Be sure when you do, the path is on your turn by... Keep reading →
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Duolingo launches Test Center, a $20 alternative to standardized language exams

The Next Web - Facebook-tagged - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 5:01pm

Duolingo today launched Test Center, its own English language certification exam that can be taken on the Web or an Android device. The fresh alternative to standardized language tests was... Keep reading →
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What Does William Shatner Think of Facebook Mentions?

All Facebook - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 4:56pm

Facebook announced the release last week of Facebook Mentions, an application aimed at helping celebrities and public figures manage their presence on the social network. What do celebrities think of the app so far? None other than William Shatner shared his opinions about Facebook Mentions in a Tumblr post, comparing it to the social network’s Pages Manager app.


New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media.

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Foursquare reveals a new logo and previews its overhauled discovery app

The Next Web - Facebook-tagged - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 4:35pm

Foursquare is preparing a major redesign of its original mobile app. After it pulled the traditional check-in and launched a new, standalone app called Swarm, the company is giving its... Keep reading →
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Mark Zuckerberg Will Testify at Government’s Trial vs. Paul Ceglia

All Facebook - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 3:57pm

Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg may soon come face to face with the man who claimed to be the co-owner of the social network, as Reuters reported that Zuckerberg will be called by the government to testify in its case against Paul Ceglia.


New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media.

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Hemingway Editor app helps you write in the legendary author’s economical style

The Next Web - Facebook-tagged - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 3:56pm

The economical, understated writing style of Ernest Hemingway is renowned within the literature world. Now, there’s a Windows and Mac app to help you nail the American author’s approach. Simply... Keep reading →
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Nokia Lumia 930 review: Finally, a flagship Lumia that feels like a phone first and a camera second

The Next Web - Facebook-tagged - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 3:51pm

The Lumia 930 is Microsoft’s first flagship Windows Phone handset since completing its acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services division earlier this year. Nonetheless, you’ll still find 5-inch handset branded as a... Keep reading →
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SPMD Glow Digital Media secures $7M in funding round

Inside Facebook - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 3:32pm

Glow Digital Media, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, announced that it has raised $7 million in Series A funding to further expand internationally and to continue product development of its social ad platform.

Notion Capital and White Star Capital, two of Europe’s leading venture capital firms, contributed to the funding round, along with existing investors Project A Ventures and Avonmore Developments. This round brings the total financing to $8 million to date.

Damian Routley, co-founder and CEO of Glow, said in a press release:

The last 12 months have been an amazing journey for us, we helped customers integrate deeply with the Glow Platform, expanded across the globe, adding operations in New York and Singapore, and built a team of experts that helped drive year on year sales growth of 500 percent.

Glow uses both proprietary and social data to help brands find, engage and transact with their most relevant and profitable customers on Facebook and Twitter. It enables marketers to deeply integrate their existing systems with Glow’s technology, tailoring their experience to better meet their specific needs.

The company opened their regional hub for APAC in Singapore, adding to their hubs in London and New York and hired Facebook’s APAC head of gaming, Peter Gan, in June. Earlier this month, the company was named as one of four new marketing platform partners to help Twitter roll out their new mobile app promotion ad format.

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LittleBits’ new cloudBit device adds your dumb gadgets and household appliances to the Internet of Things

The Next Web - Facebook-tagged - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 3:00pm

The magnetically connected littleBits electronics library got a new internet-connected addition. The new Internet of Things cloudBit module connects all your projects to internet-scripting service, IFTTT. The new cloudBit module connects... Keep reading →
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Fantastical for iOS now lets you snooze calendar reminders

The Next Web - Facebook-tagged - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 2:58pm
Fantastical finally launched its uber-popular calendar app for iPad back in April, 18 months after it first arrived for iPhone. And today, Fantastical is rolling out a slew of updates... Keep reading →
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Apple is giving one million Mac users access to the OS X Yosemite public beta tomorrow

The Next Web - Facebook-tagged - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 2:16pm

Apple will soon allow any Mac user to download the beta version of OS X Yosemite, the latest version of its desktop operating system. To access Yosemite, you’ll need to... Keep reading →
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Dropbox for Business updated with password-protected link sharing, expiration dates and more

The Next Web - Facebook-tagged - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 2:00pm

Dropbox has announced a number of product updates aimed at its small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) customers, including a much-requested option for full-text search within documents. Announced today, the update... Keep reading →
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FiftyThree’s new SDK means its stylish Pencil stylus can now be fully supported in other apps

The Next Web - Facebook-tagged - Wed, 23/07/2014 - 2:00pm

FiftyThree wants to make Pencil, its stylish Bluetooth Low Energy stylus for the iPad, more useful. Some of its best features, such as Palm Rejection, Erase and Blend, only work... Keep reading →
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