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Lookery video: "The Facebook Platform is Dead"

This video presentation from Scott Rafer of Lookery makes the argument that the Facebook Platform is dead and that Connect is the next big thing, but only for the short term. Lookery is quite a high volume application advertising platform, as well as off Facebook, so has access to a lot of traffic data and can't be dismissed out-of-hand. View Scott Rafer's presentation

The October London Facebook Developer's Garage

November Garage - Speaker Line-up

This month at the garage, I'll be taking a look at the FaceBook Fund winners, and what this means for the future of Facebook. Also on:
*Why your Apps have broken!

BBC's 'The Box' Flash Game Competition

The Facebook Developer Garage London is helping the BBC to find a fun flash game as part of their 'The Box' project, tracking a BBC branded shipping container as it travels around the world, transporting goods by sea, road and rail, to educate about globalisation. Any individual can submit a flash game they've created, with the final winner being voted on by the public.


sun joyent Developing the next hot application for Facebook, OpenSocial or other Social networking platforms? Designing and architecting your application to be able to serve millions of users?

October Garage: Speaker line up here, tickets available now!

TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE: Join us this month as: * Phil Clandillon and Steve Milbourne from Sony BMG talk about an application based competition they ran across Facebook and Bebo to promote Michael Jackson, lessons they've learnt and what else they're doing on the platforms * Chris Thorpe from MySpace discusses the changover from Open Social 0.7 to 0.8, and why sometimes it still makes sense to use Javascript in n

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