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Updated: 8 min 13 sec ago

Microsoft sues Samsung over patent cross-licensing disagreement

30 min 56 sec ago
Microsoft revealed today that it has sued Samsung in an attempt to enforce a patent cross-licensing agreement the two companies reached in 2011. By Microsoft’s account, Samsung decided to stop... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

Verizon leaks HTC One M8 with Windows Phone ahead of official announcement

36 min 19 sec ago
HTC is expected to announce a Windows Phone version of the HTC One M8 on August 19 in New York. Unfortunately, it looks like Verizon might have spoiled any chance of... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

Lenshare mobile photo app captures the moment and keeps it confidential

1 hour 28 min ago

Despite what appears to be evidence to the contrary, many social networkers — especially those with a photo focus — are deeply concerned about privacy. That’s why so many imaging... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

Google Now Launcher is now available for all Android 4.1 and later devices

2 hours 21 min ago
Google today updated its Google Now Launcher app to include support for all devices running Android 4.1 and later. After showing off the launcher on the Nexus 5, Google released... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

How to ask for help (and not feel bad about it)

2 hours 42 min ago

This post originally appeared on the Crew blog. I used to work for this company that had one of those infamous open-door policies. Our office manager told the administrative team... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

July in Latin America: All the tech news you shouldn’t miss from the past month

2 hours 51 min ago

July was a busy month in Latin America, and not only because of soccer. From mergers and acquisitions to funding and expansion news, here are the highlights from the last... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

You can now legally unlock your phone in the United States

3 hours 32 min ago
Our long national nightmare is over. We can finally legally unlock our smartphones in the United States. Today, President Obama will sign the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act (that’s a... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

PlayStation Now Beta first impressions: Cloud gaming is very convenient and very expensive

3 hours 47 min ago

After Sony’s PlayStation Now cloud gaming service launched in open beta on the PlayStation 4 this week, we wanted to see if it lives up to expectations. The service does make it... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

Sample images from Pelican’s mobile light field camera look mighty impressive

4 hours 56 min ago

As the Lytro Illum light field camera hits the streets today, it’s no surprise that similar photographic technologies in the shoot-first-focus-later genre are also breaking out of the lab and into the public eye. Pelican... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

Facebook is currently down for many users around the world [Update: It's back]

6 hours 10 min ago

Facebook currently seems to be inaccessible for many people according to a barrage of tweets and posts to other social media sites. The problems first seemed to start just before... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

Setting the stage: Killer user onboarding starts with a story

6 hours 15 min ago

Samuel Hulick is a long time UX consultant with an intense focus on user onboarding. This article originally appeared on Inside Intercom. Want more people to adopt your product? Make sure you know... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

Glimpse completely overhauls its iOS app to help you meet more relevant people on Instagram

6 hours 47 min ago

Glimpse, an app which uses your Instagram photos to help you meet other users, has fully overhauled its iPhone app to make it easier to get a conversation started. First launched... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

Can’t afford to give your staff a pay raise? Vooza has the answer…

7 hours 22 min ago
There’s trouble at Vooza, where there’s not enough money to give the team pay rises. Luckily, the resourceful CEO has a solution… Every week, Vooza – a video comic strip about... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

It’s official: Apple confirms its Beats acquisition is complete

7 hours 45 min ago

Apple has confirmed to us that it has received US regulatory approval for its acquisition of Beats. The news comes as the company posted a page on its website to “officially... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

20 of the best new iOS apps from July

7 hours 49 min ago

From encrypted messaging, to tools that tell you what to pack for holiday, we covered a lot of ground with new iOS apps in July. Here, we filter through the... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

Why employee management is out of control

8 hours 1 min ago

David Hassell is the CEO of 15Five. This post originally appeared on the the origins of the word “labor”, the definitions you discover are quite unsettling — “work hard, toil, struggle,... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

Why we prefer pictures: It’s the way we’re wired

8 hours 27 min ago

Abhilasha Shah is a PR/Communications Intern studying communications and psychology at the University of Michigan. This post was originally published on the Shutterstock blog and has been reprinted with permission. Let’s play... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

IE11 peaks in market share before it can overtake IE8, Chrome passes 20%, and Opera falls below 1%

9 hours 21 min ago

July saw the ninth full month of IE11 availability with Windows 8.1, as well as the release of Chrome 36 and Firefox 31. The latest numbers from Net Applications show... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

HP jumps on the smartwatch bandwagon with a luxury designer device

9 hours 31 min ago
The first glimpse of the HP and Gilt tie-up, a smartwatch designed by Michael Bastian, has been posted online today. According to the announcement, Gilt sought to work specifically with... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

Russia’s ‘Blogger’s law’ comes into effect today for sites with more than 3,000 visitors per day

10 hours 5 min ago

The new law requiring Russian bloggers to register as media entities and hold themselves to the same standards as a full media organization has come into effect today. First signed... Keep reading →
Categories: Facebook

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